What’s Going In My Wardrobe this Season

The ‘Pirate Shirt’ from Zara – because lets face it who doesn’t want to go on an adventure?

I’ve always seen fashion as an extension of personality. It is true what people say about first impressions – they last forever, which is why I think it is important that the clothes you wear truly reflect who you are.

This season, there’s a lot of trends out there, and while I love some of them – particularly the whole gothic/grungy/biker trend, I think it is also important to wear what suits. I tried a pair of gorgeous leather-inspired leggings on in Zara yesterday, but the look just DID NOT work.

I also discovered that if you own a pair of hips, you shouldn’t own a peplum top 😦

Still, that doesn’t mean that leathers are altogether to be avoided I just have to be a bit careful. I already have some thick jodphur-like black leggings from next, so I plan on channelling inner rebel at some point(a phrase I never thought I’d say) with biker jacket and a feminine blouse.

I haven’t that extraordinarily extrovert personality to carry off a bold trend head-to-toe, nor do I have the figure or confidence to completely ‘own it’ but I am a very strong person. I think this is why I particularly love the military vibe that is returning to the streets. Uniform is, to an extent, something that almost any-one can pull off, and when you wear it, it magically gives you a “bring it on” kind of attitude.

In 2006 I invested in a military jacket from Zara and, although the lining is almost destroyed and the clips are falling off the front, I have spent 6 years refusing to throw it out. I’ve invested in some new buttons, taken it to the dry cleaners and generally tidied it up. I’m ecstatic with the end result. That’s one less thing to purchase in 2012.

I’m also looking at history and literature for inspiration this season. I’m kind of a story-nerd, I think as a writer you have to be, so I look to films and literature for inspiration. When in Zara trying on the disastrous leggings yesterday I stumbled across a cream puff-sleeve blouse – which I call my pirate shirt. Today I’ve teamed it with the aforementioned Next trousers, some black calf boots and my old school hat ( the only good thing to come out of my secondary education).

I know it is still hot, but I’m a forward planner when it comes to clothes, so I decided also to invest in a woolly jumper. Now, according to October’s Elle Magazine, claret red is one of THE colours to wear in the run up to the colder weather.  I bought this jumper from H&M before I read this, purely and simply because the colour looks amazing against my pale skin – but the popularity of the shade is still worth noting. I plan to style it with a lace peter pan collar over a maxi dress to turn a summer outfit into a winter outfit.

Unfortunately I can’t put pictures up of the outfits just yet, because my camera is misbehaving. However, I have included some lovely links to all of the products mentioned so you can check them out 🙂


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