Ghost – The Musical

Set against the backdrop of New York, Ghost tells the story of Sam, a murder victim stuck on earth, attempting avenge his own death with the help of con-artist and/or pshycic Ode-Mai.

Based on the film starring the late Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, this is one story where both the natural and the supernatural collide.

Given the story behind the musical (one which pretty much everyone already knows) it stands to reason that the theatrical team behind Ghost would be under serious scrutiny to pull out all of the stops. Well, they succeeded and somehow produced sets, lighting effects and peculiar illusions that truly immerse the audience in Sam’s ghostly experiences.

Although the performances were strong, the vocals good and the choreography both slick and fast-paced, it was the trickery that really made the show worth seeing.  It is breath-taking to watch the protagonist on-stage walk through something that genuinely looks like a door, and in the scene where Sam encounters the angry ghost on the underground, you find yourself genuinely believing that you’re watching an interaction take place on the subway beneath the city

I think had I been watching Ghost as a play, as opposed to a musical, this would be one performance that I would be desperate  to see again, much like Rock of Ages. Both the male and the female leads gave mesmerising performances and xx who played Ode-Mai was not only vocally brilliant, but her presence filled the theatre every-time she came onstage.

Having said that, the songs themselves weren’t that great, and it is here where I think Ghost begins to show its weakness. Even though I found Love Never Dies abysmal, the songs themselves were beautiful enough for me to find myself humming them on the tube home. Apart from the overture, Ghost’s musical score does not have this ‘wow’ factor.

All in all most of the individual aspects of this performance such as set design and cast talent were indeed excellent, but the songs let the performance down meaning that although it was good, it fell short of being as brilliant as it could and should have been.


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