Mac Review – Ruby Woo

I love lipsticks, particularly those of the MAC variety, although I don’t have so many of them at the minute due to my financial constraints.

However, Ruby Woo is one of those lipsticks that leaves me a little confused; I can go from loving it to hating it in a matter of seconds.

I love the bold red-lip look, but only when it’s done right and on me, although it looks good in the mirror, a block of post-box red just looks a bit trashy on the photographs.

 I also think that it very quickly dries the lips out, and although it is normally a very durable colour it slides off pretty quickly if worn with a moisturising balm.

Having said that, Ruby Woo is a lipstick that I do still wear because, a subtle application looks good with my skin. However instead of applying an intense splash of colour across my lips, I opt to dab it on in with my fingers instead. I complement this colour with minimal eye make-up (just eye-liner and mascara) to create a ‘Snow-White’ day-look.


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