Estee Lauder – Double Wear Light

As some-one with a pale complexion, open pores and normal-dry skin, I have always found it difficult to find the right foundation. The lightest shade in most foundation ranges often make me look like an oompa-loompa despite rigorous blending.

My best friend recently got married, and I needed something that was going to last all day, that was going to make my skin look good in the photos, but that wasn’t going to make me look as if I had caked my make-up on with a trowel.

I trialled a number of products; from MAC and Dior to Yves Saint-Laurent but nothing seemed to match. Even at Estee Lauder, most of the foundation ranges started with a colour that was two shades too dark for my complexion, so I only really had one foundation type that I could really try.

Fortunately though, the Double Wear Light foundation (named for its coverage rather than its colour) worked really well on my skin, and although it still needs some serious blending, it matches miraculously matches almost to perfection. It gives me enough coverage to even out the different tones of my complexion, but doesn’t feel too heavy at all.

In general it also wears pretty well, although as the summer in the capital became hotter, I did find that if started to melt a bit by the time the evening came. Eventually (after some trial and error) I found that this can be minimised by using Clarins flash balm primer and their translucent powder.

I don’t think any make-up can ever truly look as fresh at the end of the day as it did in the beginning, but Estee Lauder’s Cover-up foundation is the closer than any other foundation at succeeding.


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